A little more about my background

I received an MS in Information Security Policy & Management from Carnegie Mellon University in 2011. My Capstone project was to analyze and evaluate privacy and data loss issues in multinational bank mergers for Ernst & Young.

Previously in 2008, I completed a BS in Technical Communication from University of Washington, Seattle, with minors in Mathematics and Japanese. I also challenged myself with many undergraduate classes in Computer Science and Applied and Computational Math Sciences (ACMS), a few classes shy from a BS degree on the latter.

After my graduate studies in 2011, I joined the Content and Customer Experience Team at Salesforce, where I work with product teams—designers, product managers, and engineers— to build effective and engaging content.

Over a decade of industry experience and
Salesforce Platform exposure

During my career at Salesforce, I've delighted in working on admin and developer documentation with many product teams, including Aura and Lightning Web Components framework, data, and component teams, as well as the Salesforce Slack integration teams.

I work with different toolchains, processes, and workflows to produce content for release notes, developer guides, API documentation, Trailhead, and more.

Previously, I had the opportunity to work with teams at Google, CBS Interactive, and IBM.


A collection of content development projects

Component Library

I have written many years worth of reference documentation and content for the Lightning Web Components Dev Guide, both of which garner one of the highest page views across Salesforce developer documentation.

Apex SDK for Slack

Given a tight timeline, I worked with the Slack integration teams to deliver the Apex SDK for Slack documentation using an internal up and coming toolchain. The dev guide comprises a quick start with a sample app, API documentation, and Apex documentation.

Doc Build Dashboard

A departure from my regular scope of work, I joined forces with the Tooling team to create a UI that displays build information that CCX writers need, implementing its CSS and learning ExpressJS in the process.

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Portfolio Deep Dive

Component Library

Component Reference and Lightning Web Components Developer Guide

Components are the building blocks of the UI. As presiding writer for components, I authored reference and conceptual documentation, produced examples alongside the engineers, and worked with contributing writers across clouds. It was fun getting to know hundreds of components and capturing what you can or can't do with them in different environments.

The component library can receive an average of 2M unique page views in a month, representing close to 40% of our overall developer documentation page views.

As our components are environment-agnostic, I like to test them across most commonly used environments before I put things down in writing. Sometimes, I uncover bugs for the product team. I use the lwc-recipes repo heavily to create and verify new examples in a Salesforce org.

I'm also involved in the StackExchange community to answer any questions I can, while evaluating posts and comments to improve the documentation.

Apex SDK for Slack

Component reference, API documentation, and Apex reference guide

Working with a tight timeline, I ramped up quickly to the amazing integration work that's brewing within the Salesforce platform. I perused engineering documentation and Java docs and prepared to build a new deliverable on an up and coming internal doc toolchain.

Within several months, I curated, authored, and pieced together documentation for the Apex SDK for Slack beta release. I also onboarded and prepped my predecessor for the pilot release.

One of the challenges I faced was ensuring we cover documentation for hundreds of new Apex classes, which equate to thousands of methods that represent Slack platform functionality, on a new toolchain all within a few months to the beta launch.

Doc Build Dashboard

UI design and implementation

Front-end development has always been one of my biggest interests and I was elated when this opportunity presented itself. A few writers and I partnered with the amazing CCX Tooling team to evaluate what information writers want as part of their workflow. After a few design iterations, I reviewed the code to understand the Engineering team's approach. I was able to learn ExpressJS quickly and proceeded to implement the CSS using the Salesforce Lightning Design System styles.